The House

The two-storey stone building with a typical square tower is well-proportioned, linear and simple. It is the mansion house of a rural court-yard which has been preserved in its architecture and material.

Its original shape, and the still visible tie with the land, makes Villa Pedretti unique as it is different from the rural buildings as well as from the 18th century villas quite popular in the plain. In fact its main characteristic is neither rural nor aristocratic.

The upper floor is typical of a large country house and consists of a wide living room southward, a dining room with a big chimney and a sitting room where you can relax.

The furniture is simple, elegant and comfortable. The size and distribution of the rooms makes the villa a perfect place for private meetings (seminars, conventions, business lunches and dinners, wine tasting) for groups of 20-30 people in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

In the basement there is a wine cellar which is still used to process and preserve the wine produced by the vineyards of the surrounding land.