The Territory

Located on the border between the plains and the hills, Villa Pedretti is located in a context rich in visiting opportunities and good food. Just a stone’s throw away is the beautiful museum of the Magnani Rocca Foundation, a semi-unknown jewel that hosts extraordinary works of Italian and European art history (Dürer, Goya, Tiziano, the Impressionists and an amazing Morandi collection) and organizes temporary exhibitions of great interest. A few kilometers away, the Torrechiara castle is one of the most beautiful examples of fifteenth-century military-noble architecture in Italy.

At 15 km, in the Reggio Emilia shore of the Enza torrent, there are the fortresses of Canossa and Rossena, heart of the lands of Matilde, the powerful medieval lady who humbled the emperor Henry IV. The gentle and varied hills draw an agricultural landscape where food excellences are produced: within a few kilometers you can go from the Felino salami to the Langhirano ham to the Parmigiano-Reggiano dairies. To visit in the dedicated museums, to be enjoyed in the trattorias, to be bought at the producers or in the Sunday market of Traversetolo which is only 2 km away.

Nearby is the Regional Park of the Boschi di Carrega, which houses one of the residual edges of the forest that covered the Po river valley and hides eighteenth-century deer and villas. A little further on, Parco del Taro is an internationally renowned oasis for the birdlife.

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